Please click on the link to access the Firebreak Notice 2023/2024

Bushfire Control

Bushfire Services

In the event of an emergency dial 000

The Fire Information and Firebreak Notice link is above for your convenience.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility as a property owner or occupier to meet the requirements under the notice by the due dates and if for any reason you are unable to meet these obligations please contact the Shire.

If you require clarification please contact your local Fire Control Officer or the Shire on 9765 1200.

Safety Information

In the event of an emergency dial 000

For current alerts and warnings visit

DFES Fact Sheets

Bushfire Preparation Toolkit HERE

Burn SMART - A planned burning guide for small landholders HERE

Travelling During Bushfire Season HERE

Bush Fire Control Officers 2023-2024

The following people are appointed as Shire of Boyup Brook Bush Fire Control Officers under the Bush Fires Act 1954, Part IV Division 1, Section 38 as contained in the above link.





Bush Fire Control Officers



Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Ben Thompson

0427 673 072

1st Deputy

Tristan Mead

0497 671 340

2nd Deputy

Brad Skraha 0428 673 058

Communications Officer

David Fortune 0428 672 061

Fire Weather Officer

Brad Fairbrass 0428 673 090

Deputy Fire Weather Officer

Wayde Robertson 0427 673 090

Boyup Brook Town - Captain

Clinton Wawilow 0407 091 540

Boyup Brook Town - Lieutenant

Gyula Bogar 0427 651 437


Rob Imrie 0428 899 049


Clint Westphal 0427 661 097


Glenn Mead 9769 1086


Luke Harding 0488 750 001


Tristan Mead 0497 671 340


Wayne White 0429 671 215

East Boyup Brook

John Ritson 0427 033 010

East Boyup Brook

Ken Holland 0428 991 773

Gibbs Road

Ron Bingham 0429 900 058

Gibbs Road

Michael Giles 0428 671 232


Geoff Dalton 0427 527 772


Nick Bagshaw 0428 993 909


Brad Fairbrass 0428 673 054


Hayden Bock 0427 439 329


Ben Creek 0428 158 138


Mat Franke 0429 109 691


David Fortune 0428 672 061


Kieran Power 0488 433 221


Darren Chapman 0427 673 047


Jamie Forbes 0457 903 024


Marcus Gifford 0428 644 040


Rob Introvigne 0427 644 082

Scotts Brook

Charles Caldwell 0418 913 531

Scotts Brook

Wayde Robertson 0427 673 090


Matt Della-Golla 0427 767 177


David Turner 0475 603 881


David Muir 0428 653 041


Scott Nix 0428 553 017

West Boyup Brook

Brian Cailes 0408 151 800

West Boyup Brook

Ross Parker 0427 989 647

Shire of Boyup Brook


Shire Ranger

9765 1200  0438 797 150



Annual Firebreak Notice

The Firebreak Notice contains information on your responsibilities in regard to firebreak installation and fire prevention measures as well as Brigade contacts.

Important Dates

Restricted burning times (PERMITS REQUIRED)

  • 9 October to 20 November in each year, both dates inclusive and
  • 1 March to 30 April in each year, both dates inclusive.

Prohibited burning times

  • 21 November in each year to 28 February the following year, both dates inclusive and
  • 24-25 December in each year including a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban.

Note - Restricted and Prohibited Burning Times may be varied due to seasonal changes. Any changes will be advertised in a local newspaper circulated within the Shire's district. It is YOUR responsibility to check with the Shire of Boyup Brook or the Chief Fire Control Officer, to ensure you are aware of any variations.

Are You Bush Fire Ready?

Department of Fire & Emergency Services have updated their website to include new bushfire planning and preparation.

Dangerous bushfires can start at any time. It’s important to understand your risks and plan what you’ll do to keep safe when a bushfire threatens your home and family.

DFES refers to My Bushfire Plan which is a bushfire preparedness tool, providing you with one place to prepare, store, print, share and update your bushfire plan anytime, from any device.

One of the most critical and valuable things you can do is to make a bushfire plan. Take 5 minutes now to discuss these simple questions:

  • When will you leave?
  • What will you take?
  • Where will you go?

To prepare your bushfire plan, refer to DFES website 

  • Fire or life threatening emergencies: 000
  • Emergency Information: 13 3337
  • SES Emergency Assistance: 132 500

First and foremost, comply with the Annual Firebreak Notice. Visit DFES website at and read through the facts sheets and publications.

To help you prepare for a power outage during bushfire season, visit Western Power

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban - Declared by the Shire of Boyup Brook

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans (HVMB) are issued and put in place when the Bushfire Control Officer identifies the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery as high bushfire risk activities, during particular times of the day.

As the machine operator, you are responsible for checking whether any restrictions are in place before you undertake harvesting on your property. It is your duty to make sure your equipment is not likely to start a fire during a ban. If it does, you could be fined. But more seriously, you would be responsible for putting your property, family and community in danger. For more information visit 

To receive SMS (text message) notifications of emergency information including movement bans, please contact the Shire Administration Office 9765 1200 or email to add your name and mobile phone number to the register. Please advise the Shire of any changes to your mobile phone details.

For the latest Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban see below.

HVMB 20 February 2024 click HERE    
HVMB 15 February 2024 click HERE HVMB 10 February 2024 click HERE HVMB 9 February 2024 click HERE
HVMB 2 February 2024 click HERE HVMB 1 February 2024 click HERE HVMB 31 January 2024 click HERE
HVMB 15 January 2024 click HERE
HVMB 25 December 2023 click HERE HVMB 1 December 2023 click HERE
HVMB 27 November 2023 click HERE HVMB 26 November 2023 click HERE HVMB 24 November 2023 click HERE

Total Fire Ban - Declared by Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)

Please click HERE for information on Total Fire Bans from DFES.