Reticulated water is available to the Boyup Brook Townsite via an extension to the Bridgetown water supply main. The source of this supply is Millstream Dam located near Balingup. Water from this dam is pumped to Hester, 10 kilometres north of Bridgetown, and gravity fed to storage tanks located at the western entrance to the townsite. Further storage tanks are located near Boyup Brook District High School. In addition, the town dam supplements the Bridgetown supply and is considered to have the potential to supply industry with a current capacity of 127,000,000 litres.

A copy of country residential and commercial water rates can be obtained from the Shire. Or for more information, go to: www.watercorporation.com.au and search under Prices, Country, Residential, Select Town/Display Town Class.

Water usage charges in the country are the same up to 350kl (approximate average residential consumption). Charges then vary based on the costs associated with providing water to the specific town or area. Boyup Brook is a Class 2 Town.

Electricity and Gas

Electricity is generated at the Muja Power Station. The present capacity for the town is 440/240 volts AC 50 cycles.

Current capacity is reserved to cover natural load growth. A copy of country residential and commercial rates can be also obtained from the Shire. Or for more information, go to: www.westernpower.com.au.

Gas is supplied in cylinders by a local distributor, the Boyup Brook Co-op PH: 9765 1001 or Boyup Brook Farm Supplies 9765 1075.