Ranger Services

The Shire of Boyup Brook engages the services of a Ranger, who works from the Administration Office on a regular basis.

The Shire of Boyup Brook Ranger can be contacted on information regarding:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Straying Livestock
  • Litter
  • Fire Hazards
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Illegal camping
  • Off Road Vehicles

Ranger Services can be contacted via:

                Shire Administration: 9765 1200

                Email: ranger@boyupbrook.wa.gov.au

Rangers are available after hours for emergencies such as dog attacks and livestock on roads - mobile: 0438 797 150

For life threatening situations or emergencies please contact 000

The Ranger working within the Shire of Boyup Brook has a varied responsibility such as upholding community and public safety, enforcing and infringing breaches of various state and local laws such as:

  • Bush Fire Act 1954
  • Local Government Act 1995
  • Dog Act 1976
  • Litter Act 1979
  • Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act 1978
  • Shire Local Laws
  • Cat Act 2011

What is a Local Law?

Local Governments (for example Councils) have the power to make local laws considered necessary for the good governance of their districts. Local and State-wide comment from the public is considered before the proposed laws are accepted.

Other Ranger Responsibilities


Owners of livestock are responsible for ensuring their fences are adequate to contain stock.