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Farm Vehicle Fire Response Stickers

    To help police to identify vehicles which can assist in a bushfire response, the Shire encourages owners of such vehicles or machinery to apply for a Fire Response Vehicle Identifier sticker.

    The stickers are designed to enable passage of approved vehicles through the vehicle control points (road blocks) where approved by the Incident Controller.

    Appliances or machinery without a Vehicle Identifier sticker may be delayed or prevented from assisting in the response.

    The Fire Response Vehicle Identifier is for the purpose of fire response vehicles only.

    Applicants must read and understand the "Operating Private Equipment at Bushfires" publication and return forms to shire@boyupbrook.wa.gov.au or PO Box 2, Boyup Brook WA 6244.

    Stickers for the period ending 30 September 2024 are now available.  Application forms are available from the Shire Administration Office or download HERE

    Multiple stickers may be issued to persons with multiple suitable vehicles/equipment.