Honorary Freeman of the Shire of Boyup Brook

The title of Honorary Freeman is the highest honour that Council can award a citizen of the Shire.  This rare and exceptional award was bestowed upon three individuals on 4 May 2024 for their outstanding achievements and distinguished services to the local community over many years, either through Council or community groups.


Sandy Chambers

Sandy’s artistic contributions to the community of Boyup Brook are numerous and varied.  He has contributed to Tourism and the promotion of Boyup Brook in many ways.

In the late seventies, with the help of his wife Jacqui, he was the main instigator of the Boyup Brook Autumn Art Affair.  Showcasing local artists and makers in the region, this annual event continued for 18 years attracting thousands of visitors to Boyup Brook.  During this time, he was also a valuable member of the Tourism Committee.

Sandy's special achievements are numerous and impressive—it's a lengthy list!

Mural painter for the Upper Blackwood Ag Society, the  Music Park Sound Shell, the swimming pool, the school and various buildings around the town centre.

Art teacher, school photographer, teacher of pottery and photography at the Flax Mill Youth Camp; craftsman at the Anglican Church – he hand crafted the rectors honour board and a new alter rail, designed the church sign and the lead light windows on the western wall of the church.

Designed the Logo for the Boyup Brook Co-op, Boyup Brook Health Services, Boyup Brook Pharmacy and the original Boyup Brook Tourism logo; A Sculptor of the five town holograms, native animals at the Tourist Centre and the sand sculptures at the swimming pool and at Harvey Dickson Country Music Centre.

Builder and designer of the information bay and entry statements for our Shire on the Donnybrook Road, the gate to the town oval, the Gnomon on Abel Street, the entry statements for the Flax Mill and Rylington Park.

Sandy, your creations will continue to inspire and delight everyone visiting and living in Boyup Brook.

You are an integral part of Boyup Brooks history, it is an honour to bestow you with the title of Honorary Freeman of Boyup Brook. Congratulations.

Harvey Dickson

Harvey Dickson is truly an iconic figure in Boyup Brook, especially renowned for his efforts in promoting the profile of Boyup Brook as a hub for country music enthusiasts and artists, as well as a rodeo entrepreneur. His passion and dedication to these activities has enriched our shire, making him a respected and valued member of our community.

When Harvey’s country music gatherings began in his machinery shed in 1969, he would empty the shed for the country music show. He eventually changed the shed to the entertainment venue, with a hand-picked collection of signs, old farming tools and a multitude of memorabilia displayed on the walls and hanging from the roof – it’s truly a sight to behold! This was the start of Country Music in Boyup Brook.

In honour of his late wife Rose, Rosie's Kitchen is a warm and welcoming feature of the country music venue.

Harvey’s rodeo is another major event for Boyup Brook. Attracting more than 5,000 people to our town each year, with many camping on his property, the spectators are entertained at night by country music bands on the huge wooden stage.

Harvey is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions to promoting Boyup Brook. His passion for storytelling – whether factual or slightly embellished leaves a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of meeting him.

Harvey, you are a Boyup Brook legend! Congratulations on receiving the title of Honorary Freeman of Boyup Brook.

Kevin Moir

Kevin has contributed 22 years as a member of Council and has been a strong voice for the entire community of Boyup Brook.  Kevin’s commitment and dedication on council was evident from day one.  He has been an extremely strong advocate for agriculture, sustainable population growth and sound financial management.

Kevin has always been a great supporter of others being involved in council with the basis being that community representation is critical to a well-functioning local government.

Kevin’s community leadership and selfless approach to encourage and promote others has benefitted the entire community.

Kevin has always had the best interests of the community at heart.  His involvement with the Wilga Endurance Ride, regular fish and chip nights, local hall maintenance and Christmas celebrations as well as being a member of the local fire brigade, various stints as a school board member, finance minister for a local church and connections to local sports for his children clearly show his active community spirit.

Kevin is one of those community members who prefers to be in the background achieving results without recognition and accolades to keep him motivated in his goals.