Integrated Planning

 In accordance with legislation, and with State Government (Department of Local Government)  funding assistance, Council has developed a number of long term plans.  The following is a diagram setting out the key plans and how they relate to each other:

 Ingegrated Planning Diagram  

The framework guides the Council in identifying community needs and aspirations over the long term (Strategic Community Plan), medium term (Corporate Business Plan) and short term (Annual Budget), and then holds itself accountable (Audited Financial Statements).  The Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Plan and annual Budget are the main plans and so the latest copy of each is on the Shire’s website.  These plans are supported though by a number of detailed 10 year plans and all together they constitute the forward planning of the organisation. 


As with all plans, there is a need for review and an opportunity for change.  Therefore the planning process includes a review of the Strategic Community Plan every two years.  The first review in a four year cycle is done in a desktop type of format and the second is a repeat of the community engagement that was used to develop the initial plan.  Underlying ten year plans are reviewed annually as part of the budget cycle and the Corporate Plan is tied into this process.


As set out, and stated, above, the driver is the Strategic Community Plan.  This plan sets the community’s direction and priorities and the other plans are the framework for implementation within the bounds of capacity of the Council to deliver.  That is, Council’s plans need to demonstrated that current assets are managed to an agreed and appropriate standard to meet service level requirements, and that any new assets can be managed within forecast financial constraints (including meeting set viability measures).


Link to Strategic Community Plan - Click here

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