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Council Minutes

Please see the minutes at the front counter or on the website from the Council Meetings.

Briefing Session

Residents and Ratepayers are welcome to attend the Briefing Session which commences at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers.

14 April 2020                         15 September 2020

19 May 2020                         13 October 2020

16 June 2020                        17 November 2020

14 July 2020                         15 December 2020

18 August 2020

Council Meeting

Residents and Ratepayers are welcome to attend the Ordinary Council meeting which commences at 5.00pm in the Council Chambers.

16 April 2020                         20 August 2020

21 May 2020                         17 September 2020

18 June 2020                        15 October 2020

16 July 2020                         19 November 2020

16 July 2020                         17 December 2020        

Community Grants close 24 April

The Council will provide support to community-based initiatives, which meet the Shire’s strategic direction through the Community Grants Program. The process has been updated this year. Please refer to the Guidelines for Community Grants Policy (available on the website) to view these changes. To simplify the process and separate the requirements, donations ($1,000 and under) will apply through a letter outlining the project, community benefit and the applicant’s contribution. Grants ($1,001 and over) will be required to complete an application form and supply additional supporting information. Information is available on the website and applications close 5pm Friday 24 April 2020.

A Public Health message from the Chief Executive Officer – Mr Chris Smith

During this evolving situation with the coronavirus we are obviously in unchartered waters and as we know, the situation can change on a daily basis. The Shire of Boyup Brook has been working closely with the State Government, our insurer, LGIS, and other local bodies to ensure plans are in place to protect our staff and the community.

We are closely monitoring the emergency plans issued by the Department of Health and have already made important decisions regarding facilities, services and events.

I would like to thank those community groups and business that have stepped up and voluntarily implemented the recommended guidelines that have been issued by the Australian Department of Health and the State Government of WA, to assist in protecting the public health of community members.

The Shire will continue to work closely with community groups to provide support and help ensure the resilience of our community during this time.

We ask you to all practice a high level of personal hygiene, and re-consider all non-essential travel, contact and attendance at activities. This includes adherence to the recommendations on social distancing of 1.5m from others and avoid mass gatherings.

I thank you all for standing up and playing your part which I realise is putting financial strain on some businesses already.

As we progress through this pandemic, we will respond with strategies relevant to the situation to assist our community.

Rylington Park

We thank the Community for its input on Rylington Park.  The Shire has workshopped the future direction with the Committee.  The Shire will now form a transitional committee which will comprise 3 from Rylington Park and 2 from the Shire to transition the farm back to the Shire.  Rylington Park is not for sale and the managers will continue reporting to the Shire into the future.

Anzac Day

On advice from RSL WA, our local sub-branch has cancelled the Anzac Day service.

Jayes-Bridgetown Road - Closed

Jayes – Bridgetown Road is closed to all heavy vehicles and non-local traffic.  The road will be closed for approx. 6 weeks from Wednesday 25th March for urgent repairs to the MRWA Bridge 3306.   The bridge will be under major construction forcing a full closure of all lanes. 

All traffic is to use the Bridgetown Boyup Brook road through to the Boyup Brook Kojonup road as a detour.

Councillors Corner

Cr Walker

There are many challenges facing our community at present and our CEO Chris Smith along with Council are managing these with the best interests of the Boyup Brook community in mind.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, a Biosecurity resolution has not been reached yet.  Twice now, planned meetings have been cancelled at short notice by the Government agency. 

As a rate payer, I have not and do not intend to pay the new land tax which is being introduced as a “modest Biosecurity Rate” to some communities but not others.  More people choosing not to pay their Biosecurity Rate notice strengthens our community and shires stand against this new tax introduction.  Ratepayers in other shires like Wagin and Nannup have not been taxed yet and are also opposed to the Biosecurity rate introduction.

We are being used as a guinea pig by a State Government looking to transfer DPIRD (old Ag Dept) costs to local communities and transfer the responsibilities to volunteers for management of “State owned Biosecurity issues”.  Not only is the model broken at the start but also the State contribution of dollar for dollar is grossly inadequate.  We all know that the primary source of our feral pests and weeds is State owned land including State Forests and National Parks which make up approx. 45% of the Boyup Brook Shire land area. 

I urge you to stand up for your rights and remember your Shire Council and Administration are working to resolve this issue and stop the introduction of a new tax and also to stop an unworkable model for the management of our Biosecurity being imposed on our community.

The Boyup Brook Shire Council has a Biosecurity Committee in place and functioning, utilising the services of the Shire Ranger and Blackwood Basin Group.  The State Biosecurity management and funding model is also a threat to our local service provider Blackwood Basin Group with Blackwood Biosecurity Inc (Bridgetown based Recognised Biosecurity Group) competing for some of the same funding.  This also puts local jobs at risk.

The strong community opposition to the Biosecurity rate and management model at a meeting held in the town hall in Boyup Brook 10th December 2019 has caused Department Primary Industries Regional Development (DPIRD) to have a rethink, however they are now stalling in the hope that more people will pay.

Don’t do it.

Human Biosecurity is now front and center, on everyone’s mind and we all need to give this Covid 19 virus our undivided attention.  A united community is critical in these unprecedented times.