Rylington Park Annual Field Day

Rylington Park will host their Annual Field Day on Friday, 23rd September 2022.  The day will commence with morning tea at 8.30am in the shearing shed, ECU will organize a drone demonstration after which we’ll head out to the paddocks for a walk through the trials which will include:

  • GRDC’s national oat variety trial.
  • Summit Fertilizer- the long-term effects of nutrition on retained seed.
  • Adama Australia (chemicals) – post emergent rye grass control in Roundup Ready canola.
  • Boyup Brook Agricultural Supplies - comprehensive pasture and crop demonstration site as well as a canola variety trial.

We’ll return to the shed for lunch, further discussions will include:

  • On farm biosecurity with reference to Foot and Mouth disease.
  • Fertilizer prices and availability.
  • Drench resistance and strategies for the future without capsules.
  • Various ECU research topics.

The day will conclude with some refreshments and a BBQ around the bonfire.  For more information, please call Erlanda on 0429 375 609.


The Rylington Park Institute for Agricultural Training and Research (Rylington Park) is located 27km from Boyup Brook town site on the Boyup Brook – Cranbrook Road in Mayanup.

The 650 hectare property was gifted to the Shire of Boyup Brook in 1985 by the late Mr Eric Farleigh for Research and Training in Agriculture and the betterment of Boyup Brook.

The property is managed by the Shire of Boyup, who employ staff to operate the farm, host shearing schools and coordinate fertiliser and seed trials on the property. 

Rylington Park host field days each year, which include the ‘Storm in a Teacup’ Women’s Day in March and the Annual Field Day in September.

Supporting youth in the district who are considering a future in agriculture, Rylington Park provides financial support by granting scholarships to students attending Agriculture Schools in Year 11 and 12.

With the financial support of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), Rylington Park hosts 8 shearing, and wool classing schools each year.   These training schools attract youth to take up the shearing or sheep handling profession, which is important for the sustainability of the Sheep industry.

Rylington Park has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Edith Cowan University (ECU).  Signed on 29th October 2021, the MOU established an agreement for ECU to utilise Rylington Park for agriculture and regional development related research and allied education programs. The MOU endorses a high level, strategic relationship with ECU, which has potential to expand research and training opportunities for Rylington Park.  It is intended that results of any research will be shared with farmers in Boyup Brook to the betterment of farmers and related businesses in the area.   The MOU is a 20 year agreement.

The Charter of The Rylington Park Institute for Agricultural Training and Research was adopted by Council in November 2021 to confirm that the Rylington Park farming property, home of The Rylington Park Institute for Agricultural Training and Research, will be held in trust by the Boyup Brook Shire to benefit the Boyup Brook community and for the use of agricultural training and research.

Please contact the Shire of Boyup Brook on 9765 1200 or email  shire@boyupbrook.wa.gov.au if you require any further information.