The Shire of Boyup Brook held its annual Australia Day Community Breakfast on Wednesday 26 January 2022. Shire President Richard Walker provided a stirring welcome address, encouraging all attendees to take the opportunity to reflect, respect and celebrate.

“Today is an occasion to celebrate Australia and its people. It is an opportunity for our whole community to come together and celebrate our nation, reflect on what it means to be Australian and share stories about how this is continually shaped and moulded by our collective and individual experiences,” he said.

“Today as a community we reflect on and take pride in how as a nation we have worked together, supported each other, and shown immense resilience in the face of COVID.

“Today we welcome new citizens and celebrate the achievements of extraordinary locals who through active citizenship have helped create a more inclusive, respectful and united community.

“We listen and respect each other’s stories, contributions and aspirations as we are all part of the Story of Australia.

“As a community we will face many challenges over the coming months, however I am sure the strong spirit of our community here in Boyup Brook and resilience will see us through.

“We are lucky enough in Boyup Brook to be able to celebrate today as a community surrounded by our friends and family.

“Today is a day to reflect on and celebrate the act of being together – it is a simple pleasure that I am sure we will no longer take for granted.”

The 2022 Shire of Boyup Brook Australia Day Celebrations were assisted by the Australian Government through the National Australia Day Council.

Award Information

Since 1985 the Boyup Brook Shire Council has made awards available on each Australia Day as a way of acknowledging outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals within our community.

This process is made possible through other community members taking the time to nominate people that they believe are worthy of recognition.


The Shire will annually invite nominations for the following Awards:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Achiever of the Year
  • Sports Person of the Year
  • Kevin Henderson Memorial Award - Volunteer Award

Nominations will be open to be received from the 1st August.

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria shall be used by the Committee to determine the most suitable nominee.

Citizen of the Year - nomination form

  • A resident who has achieved the most distinguished performance/most outstanding achievement/ most positive contribution to the community, during the preceding year, or consistently over a number of years   

Young Achiever of the Year - nomination form

  • A resident no older than  25 years of age on January 26 of the presentation year, who has achieved the most distinguished performance /most outstanding achievement/ most positive contribution to the community, during the preceding year, or over a number of years.    

Sports Person of the Year - nomination form

  • A resident (of any age) who has made the most distinguished performance or outstanding achievement during the preceding year, or number of years active participation, coaching, promotion, leadership,  sportsmanship, consistent achievement at a high level and service to sport are all factors which can be considered.

Kevin Henderson Memorial Award-Volunteer - nomination form

  • The volunteer/nominee must be a current resident in the Shire of Boyup Brook
  • The nominee has been a volunteer for a minimum of 5 years within the Shire of Boyup Brook, not necessarily with the same organisation for the whole time
  • The volunteer should be from a recognised organisation

The formal Awards presentations are held annually in conjunction with the Shire’s Australia Day celebrations.

Nominations open August and close 4.00pm 1 November each year. Nomination forms are available from the Shire office. Nominations are confidential and they are assessed by an Awards Committee made up from a number of Councillors and the Chief Executive Officer. Please submit nominations  in a sealed envelopes marked "Confidential" with the appropriate award category.

If you know someone you believe deserves recognition for their dedicated service to the Boyup Brook Community then please nominate them! The nomination forms are easy to complete and the process can be as simple or as detailed as you would like.

Shire Policy O.11 Annual Awards Process provides you with all the details you need to know about the Awards. This document along with the individual nomination forms are available from the Document Centre.

2022 Australia Day Awards

The Boyup Brook community came together to celebrate Australia Day, Tuesday 26 January 2022. The crowd enjoyed the flag raising, citizenship ceremony, BBQ breakfast cooked by the Councillors and volunteers and the announcement of the Australia Day Awards. Since 1985, the Boyup Brook Shire Council has made awards available on each Australia Day as a way of acknowledging outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals within our community.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.


Citizen of the Year

Sportsperson of the Year

Young Person of the Year

Kevin Henderson Memorial Award


Yvonne Dent Robin White Harris Thompson Susan Wallace


Lyn Willet

Angela Hales


Elizabeth (Betty) Knapp

Tara Reid

Gyula Bogar


Neville Parker

Jo North

Elizabeth Marshall


Anne Ritson

Jodi Neild



Ralph Knapp

David Inglis

Harris Thompson


Ginny Mitchell

Malcolm Armstrong



Lisa Martin

Jodi Nield

Angela Chilwell


Sharon Winter / Margaret Hales

 Rosslyn Chilwell



Shirley Broadhurst

Scott Tweedie



Maria Bogar

Brett Biluta



Lynne Schreurs

David Millington

Hannah Chambers


Rhonda Parker

Merridee Waters



Colin Barron

Ted Willett

Jordan Nix


Peter Loder




Daly Winter

Tristan Mead

Samantha Mead


Marjorie Shone

Eric Biddle



Liz Parker

Owen Miller

Alex Vaughan


Anne Beadle

Chris Mead

Charles Caldwell






Noreen Tuckett

Felicity Miller



Sue White

Steve Brown



Peg Clancy




Sandie Blackiston




Audrey Smith / Rex Lee Smith

Michael Wallace



Frank Palmer / Joan Lee Steere




Mrs E Carnaby / C & E Rohrlach


Kim Askew






L & J Chambers / Mrs B Miller




W & D Hales








Mrs P Ritikis / Mr T Bickford








Mrs D Moulton




Mrs M Reeson




G & I Miller




F & T Proctor




E & M McLaughlin