Health and Wellbeing

Boyup Brook has excellent health care facilities including a Medical Centre with local GP who is always available ( We also have a chemist, Home and Community Care (HACC) services, a resident physiotherapist, as well as visiting chiropractor, podiatrist and masseuse. You will be in excellent hands at the 12 bed hospital offering accident and emergency, high care nursing home, acute, general medical and palliative care to patients. The Boyup Brook Citizen's Lodge aged care facility is also located in town. Rest assured, help will always be close by with free access to St John's Ambulance Service for residents and transfers to Bunbury and Perth available if required.

The Upper Blackwood District Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Boyup Brook Health Service (West Australian Country Health - Southwest)

Boyup Brook Health Service (West Australian County Health – South West)
Location Hospital Road, Boyup Brook WA 6244
Postal Address PO Box 147, Boyup Brook WA 6244
Phone 9765 0222
Fax 9765 0250

The Boyup Brook Health Service is a multi purpose facility which services the health needs for the Shire of Boyup Brook. The hospital is a 12 bed hospital servicing high care nursing home, acute, general medical and palliative care patients.

Hospital Services/Facilities include:

Accident/Emergency, Dietician (monthly), Extended Care Nurse, Child Health Nurse, Home and Community Care, Immunisation, General Medical, Meals on Wheels, Mental Health (on call), Nursing Home, Outpatients, Occupational Therapist (monthly), Palliative Care, Pathology service (Daily - Except for Public Holidays 8.00a.m. - 11.00a.m.), Patient Transport, Podiatrist (monthly), Speech Therapist (monthly).

Bridgetown District Hospital

Next Closest Facility (35 km)

Bridgetown District Hospital
Location Peninsula Road, Bridgetown WA 6255
Postal Address PO Box 136, Bridgetown WA 6255
Phone 9782 1222
Fax 9761 1803

Bridgetown Hospital Services/Facilities:

Accident/Emergency  Medical, General  Nursing Home,  Obstetrics, Outpatients, Psychiatric, Surgery, General


St John Ambulance Boyup Brook has a local Sub Centre which covers the whole of the Shire. The fleet consists of two ambulances and is staffed by volunteers with support from a regional based community paramedic. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Boyup Brook Sub Centre, speak to one of the local ambulance officers of contact the office on a Thursday on 975 2155 or email

The St John Ambulance sub centre is located on Abel Street between the Shire office and the Fire Station. The local sub centre provides first aid training and first aid kits as a service to the community.

Aged Care Facility 

The Boyup Brook Citizen’s Lodge is located on Bridge Street. The facility consists of 17 self-contained units and has a common dining facility. The facility cares for members of the community who require aged care. The Citizens lodge is managed by the Hospital as part of the MPS (Multi Purpose Service unit)


Boyup Brook Pharmacy

Boyup Brook Pharmacy
Phone 9765 1066
Fax 6316 4403
Address 83 Abel Street, Boyup Brook WA 6244


The Shire is serviced with two Doctors. The Doctors operate from the Local Medical Centre, which is operated by the Shire. The Medical Centre contact number is Ph: 9765 1026

For additional information regarding the Medical Centre click on the “Medical Centre” tab on the drop down box under SERVICES.

Home and Community Care

Aged residents are encouraged to stay in their homes and remain independent as long as possible. To assist them achieve this aim a “Home and Community Care” (HACC) program is coordinated through the Hospital (MPS). The services include; Meals on wheels, Home maintenance and cleaning, Transport and Respite care or relief. Contact the Hospital if you have any queries.


Boyup Brook is serviced by a resident Physiotherapist

Boyup Brook resident Physiotherapist
Phone 9765 1244
Mobile 0427 673 032
Fax 9767 3050
Address 78A Abel Street, Boyup Brook WA

Chiropractic Service

A chiropractor visits the Boyup Brook Community Resource Centre (BBCRC) on a regular basis. Contact the BBCRC to make an appointment. Ph: 9765 1169.

Hand washing helps to protect you and your community:

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