Boyup Brook Early Learning Centre

The BBELC is open Tuesday - Friday 8.15am - 5.15pm

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For more information contact the Centre Director, Jimina Shaw, 9765 2229

Message from the ELC Director:

For those who have been following us at the Early Learning Centre, it has been a very busy (almost) 12 months. July 2018, saw the ELC Service re-open as a essential part of the Boyup Brook community, thanks the backing of our local Shire President, Councillors, CEO, families, friends and wider community members.

2018/19 has been a great year for us, seeing the return of familiar faces, as well as so many new ones. The feeling of support has been overwhelming at times and the sense of community is really apparent.

The ELC Service has had a fresh coat of paint and a whole bunch of new resources to support our natural, play based learning style. A new Nature Playground has been installed jointly by Playgroup and the shire on the premises, and we are proud to announce the shade sails have now been added. Most of all, the children in our care  and their families are happy: our goal has always been to meet the needs of our community.

This month saw the ELC Service come to its 12 month review, where a decision would need to be made by Council to consider continuing the operation of the Early Learning Centre. I'm pleased to announce that the ELC Service will continue to operate. 

I personally, would like the thank the Shire President, Councillors, Acting CEO, Shire staff and wider community members who have helped us, and of course all the wonderful families and little ones who have supported us wholeheartedly. 

So I'm happy to say once again, see you in the playground!

Jimina Shaw-Sloan, ELC Director and the Staff at BBELC.

ELC July

Boyup Brook Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Supporting the next generation to develop, explore and learn through play, naturally.

We believe that open, honest and respectful relationships are at the centre of our service and everything we do. We encompass the United Nations Rights of The Child and take particularly to heart that each child is an individual. The child, with their family, educators and community, will be treated with honestly, respect, dignity, tolerance, and equality.  

We recognise and value the roles of families, and support them throughout their journey. We provide an environment and atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding that compliments and respects families voices, values, traditions and beliefs. Connectedness to each other, families, community and the wider world, regardless of age,  is a critical part of our service uniqueness.

We have a commitment to provide high quality childcare, based on research and evidence based practices from leading education and care philosophies. Our curriculum reflects  the individuality of our children, families, staff and community, with a strong emphasis on natural and play based spaces. Echoes of Reggio Emilia, Resources for Infant Educators (R.I.E) and Montessori philosophies flow through our service and educators, and are firmly rooted within the approved learning framework, Being Belonging, Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework.

Our educators are critical, thoughtful, purposeful and reflective in our approach to environments. We value the utilisation of real world items within our environments, featuring wood, ceramic, metal and recycled materials. We recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious, and providing an environment where alternative thinking is fostered to ensure future sustainability and the health of our planet.

 We take pride in providing spaces that are welcoming, comfortable, familiar and thought provoking. Supporting the next generation to develop, explore and learn through play, naturally.

Our indoor environments provide just the amount of resources to be inviting without being overwhelming, in tune with saying that less is more. Providing areas that are defined in a way that allows for large and small groups and individual children to explore.

In our outdoor environments children are leaders of their learning, balancing risk and challenge throughout their play experiences. Wide open spaces, gently rolling hills, sandpits and loose parts play a critical role in supporting children's learning and development.

Our daily routine is consistently reviewed and flexible to tie in with the needs of our group and individual children. Rest and nutrition form its basis, as you can't play, learn or develop, if you're tired and hungry. These times take as long as they need, and at whatever time they need to be.

Large portions of uninterrupted play accompany our care routines, to foster and develop independence, self engagement, extended learning and free thinking to provide the symbiotic balance between education and care.

Our educators are passionate and committed to our children, families, service, community and the wider early education and care industry. Self awareness, and continuous improvement through education, qualifications, professional development, training and networking, ensure our educators are consistently developing and  refining their professional practices.

Our service is one of integration, where philosophy, policies, procedures guide our curriculum, and supported by educators, families and children, work together to provide a high quality education and care service.