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Have your say about the future of Boyup Brook

The Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is the lead document in a framework that guides everything we do at the Shire and ensures decision making is in line with community expectations and it provides Council with a clear direction and understanding of the community’s well-being, aspirations, issues, and priorities over the short and long term. This is a ten year plan and it really is about the future of Boyup Brook. 

During August and September, the community was invited to participate in the planning process by completing a postcard and attending several different face to face community engagement opportunities including: Youth Forums at both schools; informal meetings at the CRC and oval; and, two community workshops. Almost 200 postcards were received and a further 89 community members have now been involved in the Strategic Community Plan consultation. 

Final Phase: Online survey

The final phase of the engagement process, the online survey, has now closed. The consultants are developing a draft plan and further information will be provided once the results have been collated.

Feedback on the process so far...

Phase 1: Postcards

The first phase of community engagement has been completed and these are the emerging themes. The Community ranked six key areas in the following order:

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Phase 2: Community Workshops

Experienced independent consultants, Margaret Hemsley and Catherine Ehrhardt from LG People and Culture facilitated the second phase of the engagement process. All ages were represented across the 89 community members, who participated.

all engagement

Integrated Planning Framework

This is framework for establishing community priorities and linking this information into different parts of a local government’s functions. The purpose of this community engagement is to give the community the opportunity to share their vision with Council. 

All local governments are currently required to produce a plan for the future under S5.56 (1) of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act). This Integrated Strategic Planning Framework provides the basis for improving the practice of strategic planning in local government. There are three major parties to the development of an integrated strategic plan:

  1. The community – participates in a community planning process to determine major vision or intended big picture directions and also participates in regular reviews of those directions.
  2. The Council – signs off the Strategic Community Plan resulting from the community planning process, the four year reviews updating that plan, and the annual budget.
  3. The local government administration – supports delivery of the Strategic Community Plan, the 4-yearly reviews, and annual budget through its corporate business planning.

The IPF as outlined by The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines, Government of Western Australia, Department of Local Government:


What do we end up with?

Every four years the Shire checks in with the community on a range of issues and to seek community input into the future of the Shire.  This consultation forms the basis of the Strategic Community Plan. This plan gives Councillors and Shire staff the strategic framework and direction we operate under.  Specific actions are then identified to progress those strategic objectives.  These actions are formalised and documented in the Shire’s Corporate Business Plan. This year we will be taking a different approach to our community consultation and we will be working in partnership with experienced consultants Margaret Hemsley and Catherine Ehrhardt to develop the SCP. Ultimately, the Strategic Community Plan will be a driver for all other planning and the integration of asset, service and financial plans, this means the local government’s resource capabilities are matched to communities’ needs. 

Major Review: Every four years, council reviews the vision, priorities and aspirations of the plan with full and wide ranging community engagement. Renews the plan in line with contemporary community desires.
Minor Review: Every two years following major review. “Desktop review” with community consultation and council endorsement.

Please get involved and have your say about the future of Boyup Brook.