Shared Path Project

 The Shire of Boyup Brook with the support of the Department of Transport 2019 - 20 Western Australian Bicycle Network Grants Program are implementing the Boyup Brook Bicycle Network Plan and working to achieve a built environment that enhances the lifestyle of the community and improves access and safety with the development of shared bike paths.

Phase 1:  Beatty Street Shared Path Project

The shire was successful in securing $30,000 from the Department of Transport for the 2019-20 Western Australian Bicycle Network Grant Program. The shared path will provide improved access to the community swimming pool, recreation area as well as access to the Music Park and the Caravan Park. Phase 1 of this shared path project will improve access along Beatty Street from Forrest Street to Boyup Brook District High School and works on the path will commence in February 2020. Please be careful around the site.

Why is it important?

Currently there is a path dead-end at the corner of Connolly and Barron Street. The current lack of access to the Barron Street/Beatty Street path creates a disconnect from the town centre to the High School, Caravan Park, Music Park, Blackwood River, and most of the towns sporting facilities. The existing Connolly St path ends at Barron Street and due to the curb height and steep gravel slopes cyclists, mobility gophers, parents with prams and pedestrians (depending on fitness), are forced onto the road to reach the Barron and Beatty Street paths with the nearest safe access points 250m and 270m away respectively.  The existing infrastructure has the added disadvantage of no direct access to Jackson Street from the existing Beatty Street path. There is a steep gravel slope that makes current access impractical even for pedestrians. The slope also makes constructing an access path impractical.

What are the community benefits?

The shared path will mean increased safety for people on bikes. This shared path project will create an alternative route from town to the District High School, making it much easier and safer by removing the need to ride along the road. It will connect existing paths, create a safe road crossing (with grab rails) across Barron Street (there is nothing there currently) and provide a wide path suitable for shared use including, bikes, scooters, pedestrians, parents with prams etc. 

This stretch of shared path will provide connection and access to strategic destinations in town:

  • the Boyup Brook District High School;
  • the town centre with shops, cafes; skate park; playground and parks;
  • recreation opportunities such as the swimming pool and sports facilities; and,
  • tourist attractions including the Caravan Park, Music Park and Blackwood River.

It is hoped that cycling will increase in popularity as it becomes a safe option to move around the town.

Where can I find out more information?

The Boyup Brook Bicycle Network Plan sets out the vision and direction for the Shire and contains the primary aims, strategies and priorities to advance the Shire's vision of "Growing Our Community Together". A goal of the plan for the build environment is that it enhances the lifestyle of the community. The plan also aims to ensure that local roads, parks, reserves and facilities will meet the future needs of the growing community. The Boyup Brook Bicycle Plan is in the Document Centre on the website.

What is next?

Construction on the Beatty Street shared path will start in February 2020. The next approved phase is a shared path along Jackson St that will provide a much needed connection from the caravan park, Music Park and the Bicentennial Trail along the Blackwood River and the centre of town. Jackson St is the only link from the caravan park into town and cyclists are forced on to the road to link to other pathways and access facilities such as Music Park, river tracks and trails, and recreational facilities including the oval and swimming pool and the high school. The Shire is pleased to announce the successful outcome of the 20-21 grant application for phase 2.

Phase 1: Beatty Street shared path - orange dash line

Phase 2: Jackson Street shared path - red dash line

For more information please contact the Shire Administration Office 08 9765 1200 or email

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