Planning an Event

External organisations wishing to hold events in the Shire are also required to gain approval such as:

  • An event that uses a Council reserve, street or venue
  • Sporting Event
  • Marches
  • Parades
  • Rallies or Assemblies
  • Major or Minor events

Approval Process

  •  Contact the Shire to discuss your event 
  •  Submit application: Special Event Application 
  •  Applications should be submitted a minimum of 2 months prior to the event
  •  This will be assessed by relevant department staff
  •  Emergency management plans may be required
  •  Traffic management plans may be required

If your event is on a reserve or park, it is advisable to secure a booking of your preferred location at the earliest opportunity. Major events require extensive planning and consultation and may take between and 6 and 12 months to finalise.

Here are Some Issues for Consideration

  • identification and involvement of key stakeholders
  • planning processes
  • management of alcohol 
  • promotion and media strategies 
  • entertainment considerations 
  • entry and exit plans 
  • security systems 
  • medical care 
  • crowd control

Holding an event takes time and organisation. Don’t try to do it alone – form an organising committee. Planning should start early to encourage community involvement and allow time to seek available grants and sponsorships. Key stakeholder and community interest will generally be around the issues of risk management and successful, positive, and safe event coordination.