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Published on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 at 11:00:00 AM

Public Agenda Briefing Session for 2022

Residents and Ratepayers are welcome to attend the Agenda Briefing Session which commences at 6.00pm in the Council Chambers.

22 September 2022

20 October 2022

17 November 2022

8 December 2022 

Ordinary Council Meeting for 2022

Residents and Ratepayers are welcome to attend the Ordinary Council meeting which commences at 6.00pm in the Council Chambers.

29 September 2022

27 October 2022

24 November 2022

15 December 2022

Sandakan Memorial Service

The Shire of Boyup Brook along with the RSL Sub Branch of Boyup Brook welcome everyone to attend the Sandakan Memorial Service at Sandakan Park, Abel Street, Boyup Brook on Tuesday 13th September 2022.  The service will commence at 11.00am followed by light refreshments in the Lesser Hall.

Australia Day Awards

Who makes a real difference to you, in your community? You can nominate them by completing a nomination form in 1 of 4 categories.

  • Citizenship Award Nomination - click HERE
  • Young Achiever Award Nomination - click HERE
  • Sports Person Award Nomination - click HERE
  • Kevin Henderson Memorial Award Nomination - click HERE

Forms are available at the Shire Office and on the website.

Nominations must be in an envelope clearly marked "Citizenship Award", "Sports Person Award", "Young Achiever Award" and "The Kevin Henderson Memorial Award" and forwarded to the Shire Administration Office, 55 Abel Street (PO Box 2) Boyup Brook 6244 or emailed to shire@boyupbrook.wa.gov.au by the 1st November 2022.

Rylington Park Annual Field Day

Rylington Park will host their Annual Field Day on Friday, 23rd September 2022.  The day will commence with morning tea at 8.30am in the shearing shed, ECU will organize a drone demonstration after which we’ll head out to the paddocks for a walk through the trials which will include:

  • GRDC’s national oat variety trial.
  • Summit Fertilizer- the long-term effects of nutrition on retained seed.
  • Adama Australia (chemicals) – post emergent rye grass control in Roundup Ready canola.
  • Boyup Brook Agricultural Supplies - comprehensive pasture and crop demonstration site as well as a canola variety trial.

We’ll return to the shed for lunch, further discussions will include:

  • On farm biosecurity with reference to Foot and Mouth disease.
  • Fertilizer prices and availability.
  • Drench resistance and strategies for the future without capsules.
  • Various ECU research topics.

The day will conclude with some refreshments and a BBQ around the bonfire.  For more information, please call Erlanda on 0429 375 609.


Shire Rates Notices are due to be sent out in early September.  If your postal address has changed, please notify the Shire in writing as soon as possible.

Flax Mill Caravan Park - Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia Ltd

The Shire has entered into a Management Agreement with CMCA (Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia Ltd) to  manage the Boyup Brook Caravan Park.

The CMCA is the largest Recreational Vehicle (RV) club in Australia, with more than 70,000 members. The CMCA currently operate RV “no frills” parks in all Australian states other than WA and promotes these parks through its online website and monthly magazine which is distributed to CMCA members.

The CMCA have their own branding for parks that will be used for their members and the booking site. However, we will continue to use the Boyup Brook Flax Mill Caravan Park name on our own directional signage and marketing materials.

The CMCA will take responsibility for all bookings through an online booking system and have a live in caretaker for the Flax Mill Caravan Park. The Shire will receive 70% of the bookings, with 30% being retained by the CMCA.

Guests have the option to make a booking through the following methods:

 Online booking system - https://rvparks.cmca.net.au/ (non-members have access to this booking system as well)

  • By phone through CMCA head office in Newcastle 02 4978 8788 (8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday EST)
  • Arrive at the park and Custodian (currently Michael) can book you in on site

The benefits to the Shire include free nationwide advertising, introduction of an online booking system and an onsite caretaker for the caravan park.

In 2021, the Shire commenced renovations of the ablutions blocks, installed new reticulation systems, replaced the cladding on the scutching shed and extended and renovated  the caravan park camp kitchen.  New water tanks have been installed and work has begun on the extended/additional bays, and installation of a gravel road.

The Shire President, Councillors and staff wish to thank Gyula and Maria Bogar for their dedication and commitment at the Flax Mill Caravan Park over the last 20 years.

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