Memorandum of Understanding

Published on Tuesday, 2 November 2021 at 1:53:10 PM

At an Ordinary Council meeting held on Thursday, 30th September 2021 Council resolved to endorse a Memorandum of Understanding between the Shire of Boyup Brook and Edith Cowan University and authorised the Shire President and Chief Executive Officer to sign the Memorandum of Understanding under the Shire Seal on behalf of the Shire of Boyup Brook.

The Shire of Boyup Brook is delighted to announce the partnership with the Edith Cowan University.  Together they are committed to establishing a platform for real-world applied research to be performed at Rylington Park Farm.  This partnership creates an environment where researchers can better understand the challenges facing the farming community, while contributing to broader regional development. 



  1. Edith Cowan University is a public university established pursuant to the Edith Cowan University Act 1984 and wishes to develop relationships with respected education and training institutions.
  2. The Shire of Boyup Brook is a local government authority. The Shire owns Rylington Park Institute for Agricultural Training and Research, 1437 Boyup Brook-Cranbrook Rd, Scotts Brook WA 6244. The institute is engaged in agricultural trials and research, industry-based training, and events such as field days and demonstrations.
  3. The Parties recognise that collaborative efforts will be of mutual benefit and may contribute to an enduring institutional linkage for research and education, co-operation and mutual assistance.
  4. The Parties are interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a cooperative relationship, including the carrying out of projects or activities relevant to their respective capabilities.


Scope of Collaboration

The Parties agree to continue discussions as opportunities arise to ascertain how co-operative activities could be implemented in the future.  These activities could include:

  1. Utilising Rylington Park Institute for Agricultural Training and Research for agriculture and regional development related research and allied education programs;
  2. Conducting demonstrations and workshops for new and emerging technology;
  3. Exploring new or novel approaches to sustainable agricultural systems;
  4. Exploring new or novel approaches to marketing and supply chain completion;
  5. Sharing and disseminating information and research outcomes with farming and regional communities;
  6. Engage in discussions and activities regarding the development of programs and services in specific areas of mutual interest in the areas of agricultural sector education and research development and, regional development;
  7. Endeavour to identify potential projects of interest to the parties to this agreement;
  8. Engage in discussions and activities regarding the development of proposals for collaborative projects and allied research and education endeavours between the parties.

A signing ceremony was held on Friday, 29th October 2021 at the Edith Cowan University.

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