Fires for the purpose of cooking and camping

Published on Friday, 29 October 2021 at 1:21:38 PM

Fires for the purpose of cooking and camping

Open air fires for the purpose of camping or cooking in the Shire of Boyup Brook are prohibited during the prohibited burning times.

During the restricted burning times a person shall not light or use a fire in the open air for a purpose not specifically mentioned or provided for in the Bush Fire Act 1954, save and except in accordance with and subject to the following provisions

  • a fire for the purpose of camping or cooking shall not be lit within 3 m of a log or stump and unless and until a space of ground around the site of the fire having a radius of at least 3 m from the site as the centre, is cleared of all bush and other inflammable material, and when for any day, or any period of a day, the fire danger forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology in Perth in respect of the locality wherein it is desired to light or use a fire for such purpose is “catastrophic”, “extreme”, “severe” or “very high”, such fire shall not be lit on that day or during that period unless and until the approval in writing of the local government for that locality has been obtained so to do;


The Shire of Boyup Brook request that.

  • Fires for the purpose of cooking or campfire be at a domestic dwelling, in an appropriately constructed BBQ or fire pit that is raised off the ground and has sufficient wind breaks,
  • All flammable material be cleared from within a 5-metre radius surrounding the cooking or campfire,
  • A functioning hose or running water be able to reach the cooking or campfire,
  • Cooking and campfires only be lit between 6:00pm (18:00hrs) and 11:00pm (23:00hrs) and be completely extinguished before midnight on the same day,
  • At least one person always be present at cooking or campfire until it is completely extinguished by the application of water or earth: and 
  • The solid fuel being burnt not be greater than 1 cubic metre

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