Travelling To and From

Boyup Brook is only 112 km southeast of Bunbury & 289 km south of Perth. By car, Boyup Brook is about 70 minutes from Bunbury & less than three hours from the heart of Perth along the Southwest Highway.

When travelling from Perth, drive through to Bunbury and turn off towards Donnybrook, then on through to Boyup Brook. Visit the TransWA website for more details.

Public Transport

From Perth (Mon, Wed)

Dep  12:15 East Perth Terminal
Dep  12:45 Cockburn Central (Stand No. 7)
Dep  1:30 Mandurah Bus Station
Dep  1:43 Falcon (Cobblers Tavern)
Dep  2:00 Lake Clifton (opposite bakery)
Dep  2:23 Binningup turnoff (3km from townsite)
Dep  2:35 Australind (Mulgara Street) The roadcoach will only divert to Australind and Allanson if advanvce bookings are made.

Arr  2:45

Dep 3:15

Bunbury Passenger Terminal (Rest Stop)
Dep 3:50 Allanson (bus shelter)

Arr 3:55

Dep 4:00

Collie (Visitor Centre)
Dep 4:20 Mumballup (Tavern)
Dep 4:35 Wilga turnoff (4km from townsite)
Dep 4:50 Boyup Brook (Visitor Centre Forrest Street)
Dep 5:20 Bridgetown (Memorial Boat Park)
Dep 5:30 Yornup (opposite bus shelter)
Dep 5:41 Palgarup (bus shelter)
Dep 5:53 Manjimup (Timber Park bus bay)
Dep 6:03 Pemberton turnoff (16km from townsite)
Arr 6:20 Pemberton (Visitor Centre)

From Pemberton (Tues, Thurs)

Dep 8:00 Pemberton (Visitor Centre)
Dep 8:10 Pemberton turnoff (16km from townsite)
Dep 8:28 Manjimup (Timber Park bus bay)
Dep 8:34 Palgarup (opposite bus shelter)
Dep 8:43 Yornup (bus shelter)
Dep 8:55 Bridgetown (Memorial Boat Park)
Dep 9:25 Boyup Brook (Visitor Centre Forrest Street)
Dep 9:40 Wilga turnoff (4km from townsite)
Dep 9:55 Mumbellup (Tavern)

Arr 10:15

Dep 10:20

Collie (Visitor Centre)
Dep 10:25 Allanson (general hall)

Arr 11:00

Dep 11.20

Bunbury Passanger Terminal

Rest Stop

Dep 11:30 Australind (BP Garage)
Dep 11:41 Binningup turnoff (3km from townsite)
Dep 12:05 Lake Clifton (opposite bakery)
Dep 12:22 Falcon (Ampol Garage)
Dep 12:37 Mandurah Bus Station
Dep 1:22 Cockburn Central (Stand No. 7)
Arr 2:00 East Perth Terminal

Amendments apply on most public holidays and during school holidays. Road coaches will only stop at other authorised stopping points if pre-booked. Transwa recommends passangers be ready to board 15 minutes prior to departure.