Views from the proposed Centennial Tower

A potential project that has caught the eye of Government is the Centenary Tower - the great idea of the Co-Op to celebrate 100 years of business in the town. The Co-Op has already organised the plan and engineering. The tower will be sighted on the high ground on Jayes Road (Cailes St) next to the Baptist Church, enabling views in excess of 20 kilometres in every direction.

The proposed Boyup Brook viewing tower is a 28 metre high observation tower that provides sweeping, panoramic views of the Shire of Boyup Brook. With two viewing decks at 13m and 26m, it will deliver stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside as well as a long distance observation vantage point perfect for sighting bush fires. This project will be manufactured out of Australian made steel and using Western Australian construction rather than opting for a cheaper imported product. The tower will provide unique exercise and health benefits to locals with the option to use it in a similar way to "Jacobs Ladder". It will also provide an interesting tourist experience with the landscapes changing dramatically with the seasons. The tower may also have the capacity to deliver communication outcomes by installing an aerial.

A business case was developed with the support of the State Government of Western Australia and the project went out for public consultation in November 2020 through the Development Application process. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Shire Administration Office.

Below is some drone footage of the fantastic views you could expect from the top.