Waste Management

Rubbish Collection

Deep sewerage is not provided anywhere within the district.Consequently, septic tanks and leach drains are the predominant method of effluent disposal.This method has operated satisfactorily in the past. Rubbish is collected in the Boyup Brook town every Thursday morning. Please ensure your “wheelie” bin is on the kerb side before 6am. Bins that are too heavy (70kg limit) will not be emptied.

If you live in the townsites of Dinninup, Wilga and Kulikup, we will collect rubbish every second Monday morning. The rubbish is collected in a Shire ute and consequently only rubbish in bags that can be lifted into the ute will be accepted.

Rubbish Collection Costs
Rubbish Removal 
Refuse Collection per 240 lt MGB $160.00
Additional Services (incl GST) $176.00
Refuse Collection  per household - Satellite Townsite $ 80.00
Transfer Station 
Inert / Non Recyclable  - Car / Wagon $  9.00
Uncaged Box (6x4) Trailer, Ute (uncompacted) $ 17.00
Other than the above (Minimum fee of $17.00) $17.00 per m3
Steel, Car Bodies and parts $0.00
Non-Drum Muster  Chemical Drums  $3.00 per drum
Recyclables - greenwaste, aluminium, steel cans, newspaper, plastic containers 1 & 2, glass, wax  
Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, other viable materials Nil


A free kerbside pick up is also provided in the Boyup Brook town for recyclable materials on the first Thursday of each month. Materials collected include aluminium cans, steel cans, newspaper, magazines, glass and some plastics. We ask that you separate the materials and place them in bags provided by Council on your kerb prior to 7.00 am. In addition to the regular rubbish collection, the Council provides a Transfer Station and Recycling Facility situated on the Boyup Brook-Arthur River Road, less than two kilometres from the town. Opening times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.00 noon to 4.00pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00am to 4.00pm – fees apply. The Recycling Facility is accessible 24 hours per day. Aluminium cans, paper, glass, steel cans, magazines, wax cardboard, cardboard and some plastics are accepted free of charge.

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