Shire Australia Day Awards

Since 1985 the Boyup Brook Shire Council has made awards available on each Australia Day as a way of acknowledging outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals within our community.

 This process is made possible through other community members taking the time to nominate people that they believe are worthy of recognition.

 Eligibility of Nominees:

  • Nominees must be current or past residents of the Boyup Brook Shire for at least 5 years.

  • Nominees for the Young Achiever Award must be no older than 25 years as at January 26, of that year.

  • All nominations must address the selection criteria in the nomination forms.


     The Shire’s  Australia Day Awards Committee will select category winners and its decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Shireof Boyup Brook -  Australia Day Awards Past Recipients
YearCitizen of the YearSportsperson of the YearYoung Person of the Year
1985 E & M McLaughlin    
1986 F & T Proctor    
1987 G & I Miller    
1988 Mrs M Reeson    
1989 Mrs D Moulton    
1991 Mrs P Ritikis / Mr T Bickford    
1993 W & D Hales    
1994 L & J Chambers / Mrs B Miller    
1996 Mrs E Carnaby / C&E Rohrlach   Kim Askew
1997 Frank Palmer / Joan Lee Steere    
1998 Audrey Smith / Rex Lee Steere Michael Wallace  
1999 Sandie Blackiston    
2000 Peg Clancy    
2001 Sue White Steve Brown  
2002 Noreen Tuckett Felicity Miller  
2004 Anne Beadle Chris Mead Charles Caldwell
2005 Liz Parker Owen Miller Alex Vaughan
2006 Marjorie Shone Eric Biddle  
2007 Daly Winter Tristan Mead Samantha Mead
2008 Peter Loder    
2009 Colin Barron Ted Willett Jordan Nix
2010 Rhonda Parker Merridee Waters  
2011 Lynne Schreurs David Millington Hannah Chambers




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