What do we do?

The Ranger working within the Shire of Boyup Brook has a varied responsibility such as upholding community and public safety, enforcing and infringing breaches of various state and local laws such as:

  • Bush Fire Act 1954
  • Local Government Act 1995
  • Dog Act 1976
  • Litter Act 1979
  • Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act 1978
  • Shire Local Laws
  • Cat Act 2011

What is a local law?

Local Governments (for example Councils) have the power to make local laws considered necessary for the good governance of their districts. Local and State-wide comment from the public is considered before the proposed laws are accepted.

Road Construction and Maintenance

The Shire of Boyup Brook’s Works and Services team are responsible for the maintenance of all local roads within the municipality. The Shire budgets annually to upgrade, widen, seal and reconstruct local roads.

To report pot holes and other road repairs, bollards and handrails (missing / damaged) and damaged kerbs, please contact the Shire office.

Main Roads Western Australia is responsible for the maintenance of major roads within the Shire. Please contact Main Roads (24 hours) on 138 138 to report maintenance (including bridges) and traffic issues on the below roads:

  • Donnybrook / Boyup Brook Road (Road Ref. M13)
  • Boyup Brook / Kojonup Road (Road Ref. M13)
  • Bridgetown / Boyup Brook Road (Road Ref.M6)


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