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Posted on: Thursday, 20 April 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

KidSport 2017 update

The Shire of Boyup Brook would like to  thank you for your support of the program in 2017, and remind you of some of the KidSport processes.

Some helpful tips:

  • If your club has a 2016 vouchers in the system and the applicant did not attend the club, you can cancel the voucher by marking the cross at the side of the name.
  • If you have 2016 applicants with a validated code, they can be included in your 2017 invoices.
  • If you notice validated vouchers in the system that have been paid please let your local government know so they delete them.
  • If you need to reset your password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the club log in page. Please note: If you are updating your password, it will require 13 alpha-numeric characters and include 2 special characters (e.g. abcdefghijk514@!).
  • For more information on the KidSport online system take a look at the online ‘How to Guide for KidSport Clubs’.

KidSport Codes

Approved applicants’ unique codes are sent directly to the parent or guardian’s email address. The department and local governments will not provide these to the sporting clubs as we want to ensure the applicant has actually attended the club.

Reimbursing KidSport Fees to Parents

KidSport funding is paid directly from a local government to the club. If a child who has been approved for KidSport funding decides to leave your club, please refund the local government and not the parents directly. Clubs should not reimburse parents KidSport applicants if they decide to leave the club. Please also remember that KidSport cannot be approved retrospectively.

KidSport Financial Assessors

Since 1 January 2017 KidSport Financial Assessors have replaced Referral Agents. KidSport Financial Assessors are from agencies approved by the department who provide support services for families. To be eligible for KidSport a child will need to be listed on a valid concession card however if the family does not have a concession card they can visit a KidSport Financial Assessor to discuss if they meet one of the four KidSport financial exceptions. Please note, an exception can only be used once.

For more information visit KidSport Financial Assessor information

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