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The Shire of Boyup Brook is offering organisations the provisions of financial assistance to all Local Community Groups. Enclosed are the guidelines and the Shire of Boyup Brook policy for applying for a Donation.


To promote and support community-based initiatives which meet Council’s annually selected strategic direction and Community Services Planning.


 The following definitions apply to this policy:

 1.Organisation is an incorporated body under the Associations Incorporation’s Act 1987 or a recognized corporate body created by government with an Australian Companies Number (ACN).

2.Individual is a resident of the Town/Shire.

3.Grant – is the provision of a set amount of funds for a single year in order to achieve a specific identified purpose.

4.Sponsorship - is the provision of cash, in–kind support or subsidy to organisations or individuals in return for specifically identified promotional opportunities for Council.

5.Subsidy is the provision of in-kind in the form of a cash book entry which enables Council to determine the real cost of support provisions and donations to community groups.

6.    Mission Statement – To provide leadership that will enhance existing community services, identify and provide future service needs, stimulate future developments in a constantly changing economic, cultural and social environment

 7.    Strategic Direction - To be a proactive local government achieving the     economic and social goals of the community that are affordable, productive and environmentally responsible.


Only organisations are eligible for funding support.  In some instances, organisations may apply for funding on behalf of individuals who must be residents of Council.  Only one application per year may be funded for any one organisation.

In general, applications for funding shall fulfil the following criteria:-

1.Not for direct profit or financial gain to the organisation or an individual;

2.The proposal supports the mission statement, values and strategic direction of Council;

3.The applicant organisation can demonstrate the capacity to manage and be accountable for the funds and the project.

The Council will:-

1.only allocate funds for identified purposes and with specific expenditure estimates provided and will not provide block grants under any circumstances;

2.require each applicant organisation to submit a new funding application on each occasion before Council will commit any funds;

3.require each successful applicant to agree that they do not represent Council in any capacity.

Program Promotion

 All funding programs will be advertised annually in March with all applicants advised of the outcome of their application within one month of the adoption of the annual Budget. These requests will be presented to the Council with a brief precis.

 Applications need to be returned to the Shire of Boyup Brook by 4.30pm Wednesday 30 April 2014.


If your application is successful then the attached Acquittal will need to be completed and returned to the Shire Office by the date shown in the advice of approval.



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