Dial Before You Dig

Dial before you digThe Shire of Boyup Brook supports the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service in Western Australia. Contractors planning to carry out excavation within the Shire are advised to seek information on the location of existing underground assets by calling the Dial 1100 Before You Dig Service. For more information regarding this service please visit the DBYD website http://www.1100.com.au.



Obtain asset locality plans by contacting the "Dial 1100 Before You Dig" service.
Note: Plans should always be kept on-site during excavation.


Potholing is to be carried out to establish the exact location of underground assets using a hand shovel.


Protecting and supporting exposed plant is the responsibility of the constructor. Always erect safety barriers in areas at risk to protect underground assets.


Proceed only after planning, potholing and protecting all existing underground assets.

All enquires relating to underground drainage assets controlled by the Shire of Boyup Brook should be directed to the Shire’s Manager of Works on (08) 9765 1220.

Hoon Behaviour

Keep hooning and you can lose your car for goodAny concerns regarding hoon behaviour / dangerous driving should be addressed to the Boyup Brook Police or alternatively complete the online form https://ebusiness.police.wa.gov.au/PAC/TCF/Default.aspx

Reporting Hoon Behaviour

To report hoon behaviour / dangerous driving please call the Boyup Brook Police on 9762 1666.
All calls are treated confidentially.

What to report:

  • description of behaviour, e.g.: speeding, drag racing, burnouts, etc
  • description of driver
  • day and time of behaviour
  • location of behaviour
  • vehicle registration
  • vehicle make, model
  • vehicle colour


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