Environmental Health

The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers overall aims are to protect the health of residents and visitors and ensure the best possible outcomes for the health and wellbeing of the community and the environment.
Environmental health is about encouraging decisions to be made (either by the Shire directly or by developers, residents and ratepayers) with consideration of the impact on public health and the environment they will ultimately have.


The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers aim to ensure the sale and supply of safe and suitable food to residents and visitors. Our focus is to work cooperatively with business operators to achieve the best possible food safety outcomes. To achieve this, we undertake routine assessments of food businesses and provide advice on matters such as food hygiene and procedures. We also conduct food training, carry out routine food sampling and investigate complaints from the public.

If you are a food vendor (Hold a food registration with another Local Government Authority) and would like to sell food and trade within our Shire boundaries you will be required to complete a Food Notification form. If you are a member of the public and you reside within the shire and you would like to set up a food business then you are required to complete a Food Registration form. These forms can be found in our Document Centre. Fees do apply when you lodge the application, so if you are mailing the applications in, please call the office on 97651200 to confirm the appropriate fee and forward it with the paperwork. 


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