Council Vacancies

Council Vacancies
WardGeneral area / localities coveredNumber
Benjiup Wilga town site, Benjinup and surrounding areas 1 4 years
Boyup Brook Boyup Brook town site, part Benjinup 2 4 years
Dinninup Dinninup town site, Kulikup town site, and surrounding areas 1 4 years
Scotts Brook Mayanup, Chowerup, Tone Bridge and surrounding areas 1 4 years

Eligibility to nominate as a Councillor

An individual may nominate themselves.  In order to be eligible, a candidate must satisfy all of the following:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be an elector of the district; and
  • Not be “disqualified” (i.e. a member of state or federal parliament, an insolvent under administration, convicted of a serious local government offence, a member of another Council, subject to a disqualifying SAT or court order, standing for another position on Council or a current sitting member not due for re-election or on the roll merely as nominee of a body corporate.) 

Nomination process

A valid nomination requires the following:     

      1. A “Nomination for Election by Candidate” form ;     

      2. A “Candidate Profile”; and     

      3. A “Nomination Bond” of $80.

A “Candidate Profile” is to be limited to 150 words and is to include the candidate’s full name and contact details.  The profile may include the candidate’s policies and beliefs but is not to contain false, misleading or defamatory material.  A recent head and shoulders passport size photograph, although optional, is recommended.

Election of Shire President

The Boyup Brook Shire Council is led by a shire president, who is elected by Council at the first Council meeting following a Local Government election.

Who can vote

To be eligible to vote in Local Government elections, you need to be either a resident, an eligible non-resident owner or non-resident occupier of rateable property in the Shire of Boyup Brook or a nominee of a body corporate that owns or occupies rateable property in the district or ward.  You must also be correctly enrolled to vote in State or Commonwealth elections and be at least 18 years of age on election day.

  1. Residents: A person who lives at an address in a Shire of Boyup Brook ward and is correctly enrolled on the State roll for that address is a resident of the district and automatically enrolled to vote in the ward.  To check that your enrolment is up to date, contact the WA Electoral Commission or phone 13 63 06. Enrolment forms may be obtained from our Administration Centre, any Post Office or from the WA Electoral Commission.
  2. Non-resident owners and non-resident occupiers of rateable property: are not automatically enrolled.  Non-residents who wish to vote in local government elections or Corporate bodies who wish to nominate people as nominees should apply to the Chief Executive Officer. Enrolment Eligibility Claim forms may be obtained from our Shire office, or downloaded from the Dept of Local Government’s website:


The State and Commonwealth Electoral Rolls and the Shire of Boyup Brook’s Non Resident Owners and Occupiers Roll are closed approximately 50 days prior to a Local Government Election. 


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